March 08, 2011

How to Become Successful Writing EBooks

By harmen batubara
I am sure many of you have bought eBooks online. I have bought many myself and often thought why not create one and try and make some money from it. EBooks are becoming a very good source of making money these days so why not give it a go and make your dreams come true. One thing you need to know though is the right and wrong way of creating an eBook.
EBooks, or electronic books, are the most sought-after info product online today. If you're new to the business, you probably don't know yet. Nevertheless, this is an indubitable fact as eBooks are relatively easy to create, sell, and take anywhere. All your need is a lightweight device through which you can read it on (e.g., Kindle, laptop, iPod, etc), contrary to paper books. The idea of getting great profits with a single eBook can surely be enticing, but do you know where to start? Creating an eBook, like mentioned earlier, can be easy.
There are surprising benefits to producing eBooks. An astonishing fact is that hardcover or soft cover books being offered in a well know book store will sell for about a third or less as the same material will sell in digital form. To produce these eBooks you do not have to have polished writing skills. Customers online are usually looking for an answer or a solution to a problem and they are interested in material that is presented in a speaking voice, much as you would talk to your best friend.
Many eBook writers started out by being service providers to others. They wrote for a number of internet gurus and learned the ropes of freelance writing. After observing how well this material that was being written for others sold they then branched out and started producing the eBooks under their own name.
There are quite a few tips out there on the internet to set you on the right foot to being successful in writing an eBook. You must think of things that other people are looking for that are interesting and you know people are looking for. It is very important to research this before you start as this is going to be important for you to create a successful eBook. It should be something that readers are looking for and want to buy. So do your homework first.
Follow these easy steps, and your eBook will soon be launched to get the profits coming in...
Step One: Your EBook topic
Of course, everything starts with a topic as it will help in determining what your eBooks’ content will be. At this stage, these are the two things you have to keep in mind: 
Your expertise and knowledge
Be different by using your expertise and knowledge and remember with millions of eBook writers who are coming from all points of the globe right now, the only thing that you can do to set yourself apart from the rest is to offer your target readers with something different. Think out of the box, experiment on new concepts, and develop your own, unique writing style. By doing these, you'll easily create a name for yourself and you'll surely be able to make a lasting mark in this field in no time.
The current demand
Do a keyword research. If you want your eBooks to become best-sellers, you need to write about topics that are being sought for by your target market. Instead of asking each of your prospects about the information that they would like to learn about, you can just do a keyword research to save some time. Through this, you'll get a list of popular search terms within your chosen niche in just seconds. You can then convert these popular keywords or key phrases to profitable topic ideas.
If you want to get a more precise list, you can check either the "Phrase" or "Exact" options under Match Types (you can find this box in the left side bar). The generated list can greatly help in your eBook writing project as it answers the need for your eBook to focus on a keyword generating high traffic.
It must not be too competitive. Avoid targeting keywords that are too competitive or those that are usually targeted by the big dogs. As much as possible, you don't want to go up against these people so you can easily make decent sales once you make your eBooks available online. Find topics that are interesting and those ones that people are willing to spend their money on but make sure that they are not very competitive.
Step Two: You’re EBook Outline
In creating an eBook, it good to set up time to write and put it in calendar; outline workbook content and format; gather content from other sources; write; send it to editor; format; get cover design; produce. You must not only focus on the profits you'll get at the end of the road, you must also aim to make your eBook an invaluable source of information, filled with facts and practical tips. To do so, you must first create an outline. An outline will help you plan the content of your eBook better and ensure that it will benefit not only you but also your reader.
While creating an outline, the first thing you must identify is the chapters of your eBook. Once those are done, you can then think of subtopics, using subheading and bullets for ideas you would like to elaborate on.
Step Three: Reliable Research
After choosing a topic, the next step in eBook writing is to research. Of course, while a lot of marketers use their experience as basis, we can't deny the fact that "facts" are vital. This is especially true when you're dealing with a technical subject as web design.
When researching, you must also be wary about your source for example when using Wikipedia. It's true that this site is a great source, with most of its entries usually written using a formal tone and providing citations. Nonetheless, it's not something you can completely rely on as it might include invalidated details. Get more credibility by searching for better sources (newspaper, academic journals, government sites, etc.).
In this stage, it's also important to double check. That is to say when you find great information; you must find other sources that back up that first source. Don't stop researching just because you find a website full of details about your subject. Rather, you must make it an encouragement to look for more.
Step Four: Writing Your EBook
Before you starting writing bear in mind that this is the year of the eBook. With Kindles, iPods, and the like, more and more people will be reading their books electronically. And as soon as you have a few months of blog posts and articles under your belt, you have content for your eBook. I've seen eBooks as short as 30 pages and as long as 300. I recommend 50 to 100 pages, but if it's your first one and you just want to get it done, make it whatever length is comfortable for you. Done is better than long-or perfect. And with eBooks you can easily go in and make corrections, changes, and updates. You know why? It's not printed!
Finally, after you have comfort with your idea and have choosing a topic, creating an outline, and researching, now you can start writing your eBook. This is the last step in our eBook writing guide, and this is, supposedly, the easiest to accomplish. After all, you have accomplished most of the work when you thought of the topic, researched, and created your outline. Finally spending some time learning how to launch your eBook business will pay big dividends.
Remember, to produce an eBooks you do not have to have polished writing skills. Customers online are usually looking for an answer or a solution to a problem and they are interested in material that is presented in a speaking voice, much as you would talk to your best friend.
With this eBook writing guide, creating an eBook that is not only profitable but also very informative can be a lot easier.
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