August 18, 2015

The 7 Steps To Success With Affiliate Marketing

The 7 Steps To Success With Affiliate Marketing
By Robert S Nash
It can be frustrating when you see others making a successful living online as an affiliate marketer. You may have tried many ways to make money online, with limited success. So how is everyone else doing it and what are the steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer? In this article, I show you my 7 key steps to success in becoming a great affiliate marketer.
First though, what is affiliate marketing? For those that don't know, affiliate marketing is when you take someone else's product or service, promote it and earn commissions based on sales. If you don't have a product or service of your own, this is a great way of making money online. Whilst there are no get-rich-quick schemes, many people have become a successful affiliate online, with different avenues of promotion.

Here are my 7 key steps to success.

1. Choose a niche that you will be confident in promoting and writing about: This is the first and most important step in the process of becoming an online affiliate. Choosing a niche that you understand, have knowledge of and is not overcrowded in the marketplace, will help you in becoming successful. Later on you will need to promote your affiliate products or services across many different platforms. Choosing a niche which you know very little about, or that is difficult to market, will make it very difficult to make money.

2. Build a website in a chosen niche as the platform for your success: Now that you have your chosen nice, build a website as the platform to display your affiliate links and articles. You don't need to be a web developer to build a website. You can find freelancers and developers that can do this for you cheaply on job marketplaces.

3. Find suitable products and services to promote as an affiliate: If you have your chosen niche, I'm sure you would have found some interesting products that you want to promote and write about. Research the market and look at the competition, always be on the search for new and interesting products in your chosen niche that can make you money. Staying one step ahead and being the first to a product or service can make a big difference in your level of success.

4. Content is king, write quality articles and blog posts about your niche: The SEO game is changing and search engines are looking for good high quality ORIGINAL content on your website. If you're not a good writer, you can always use freelance copy writers to write your blog posts and articles. Remember to write about your chosen products, keeping in mind of why they add value to your readers and remember to include your affiliate links in optimal places that will get you a better conversion rate.

5. Without traffic your success is limited: You can have the best website, you can be the leader in your chosen niche, however if no one can find your website, then no one is going to purchase your affiliate products and you won't earn any money. Promote your website, run advertising, drive high quality traffic to your website and landing pages. Use all the avenues available to you to get traffic to your site and affiliate links.

6. Track, analyse, optimise: A successful affiliate marketer is always looking to improve and look for new opportunities to make money. Don't just setup a page with an article and an affiliate link and leave it. Track the traffic you receive using analytics tools, analyse that traffic and see how your visitors are interacting with your website, optimise the key pages to funnel the visitor into the path you want them to take and ultimately making a purchase. I recommend you use A/B split testing software to split test your key landing pages and funnels to increase your conversion rates.

7. Be persistent and never give up: It's very difficult to suddenly make money overnight with affiliate marketing, however putting into practise the steps you have just read and being persistent with your writing and optimisation, you can really make a successful living with websites and affiliate marketing.
I hope you have found this article interesting and of use to you. I certainly have found these steps and methods useful when making money online with affiliate marketing on my own websites. Feel free to leave comments and questions below, I will be happy to discuss any of the steps in further details with you all. Want to learn more about how you can make a successful living online making money with websites? You can sign up to my FREE 10 day beginner's course with step by step instructions on how to make money online with your own website.
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