July 28, 2015

10 Super Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools for Success

10 Super Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools for Success
By Reinhardt Gallowitz  

We are all familiar with the various tools on the web today. When referring to tools, we are talking in the context of affiliate marketing tools which are: ebooks, scripts and software.
Which of the following tools have you used in affiliate marketing?
1. your own website
2. "affiliate marketing" web design software
3. Proper keyword research tool
4. affiliate link cloaking tool
5. seo + linkbuilding tool
6. email capture tool
7. reprint right & private label right ebooks
8. your own blog
9. tracking tool
10. the right training manual
If you haven't used them all, maybe that's why your checks are looking so poor. Here's why these eight tools are absolutely essential for your success.
Let's start of with the #1 Affiliate Marketing Tool for Success...

Your Own Website. Imagine a website as a business that is situated on the most valuable piece of real estate on earth (the internet) and there are literally millions of hungry buyers.
Affiliate marketing can truelly make you loads of money if done right and the one thing that is absolutely crucial is having your own website. It's so obvious! Combined with the other 9 affiliate tools, you can achieve greatness with your own website/s.
Second among the Affiliate Marketing tools for success...
"Affiliate Marketing" Webdesign Software. Now I am not talking about a stupid web building software. You need a webdesign software that was designed with money making in mind. You need more than just a website builder. You need something that can transform your ideas into cash. You need a website builder that'll will never let you down as well as always make you smile. You need a website builder that will cut building a website in more than 4 times the time. You need a website builder that literally incorporates SEO into your website building project.
Third among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
Proper Keyword Research Tool. This is an incredibly important tool as it basically makes or breaks you. Why do you need a keyword research tool? To find out what people are typing in at the search engines offcoarse! You also need to optimize you different webpages for YOUR targeted keywords so that when people type in those keywords, they'll find your appropriate pages!
Without the proper keyword tool...you are doomed.
You have 3 options for a keyword tool:
*The free version (doesn't provide much detail) called Overture which you can find at http://inventory.overture.com
*The paid version - top of the line
*The almost free version - I recommend this tool. It's a server based script and it's called Keyword Explorer. You just upload one file to your webhost with a simple ftp software and do your keyword research. This tool is designed to uncover profitable markets. I'm not kidding...I use this tool everyday and it constantly uncovers untapped gold mines.
Fourth among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
Affiliate Link Cloaking Tool. Ummm...you are probably thinking that this isn't an essential tool right? WRONG!!
It's crucial! People today are so skeptic when it comes to clicking on links. They actually look at the destination url. You need a url shrinker or a cloaking script.
Fifth among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
Seo & Link Building Software. Geeze, this is another essential tool. If you are not familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), wake up pal. You are going to do this basically all the time. Affiliate marketing is more than just building a website and adding your merchant's products. It's about getting your website ranked highly for your niche keywords by combining SEO and link building. This will bring you constant traffic and SALES!
BUT, seo can become quite a process that most people hate to do. Link building is worse. Much worse. It's horrible to permanently go out and find link partners. Seo Link Building tools is what you need.
Sixth among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
Email Capture Tool. Some of the top marketers today refer to an email list as the most important factor to success online. It's easy to understand this...a big list + one email = profit. With an email list, your affiliate marketing efforts will be cut in half. You can make easy affiliate money sending your email "offers" to your list.

You need to grab your visitors' attention immediately. The moment they get to the appropriate page, you have to get them to opt in to your email list.You need a unblockable email popup window. Not an annoying window. You need a popup that is so visually appealing and a free offer so attractive (such as a free report or tutorial) that your visitors WANT to opt in to your list.This is easy to do. You just need the right software and the right service such as GetResponse. There are loads of software on the web that does this. Seventh among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success... 
Reprint right & Private label rights ebooks or your own ebooks This is easy to understand why this is *must* tools. Let's say you want to increase your email list.You'll edit your related reprint right or private label ebook and add some affiliate links inside the reports. This way, if your visitors opt in, you'll have the bonus opportunity to make an affiliate sale. It's even better to make your own report, because it's unique and you can promote this *new* report on other places of the web.
Eighth among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
Your own free blog. If you don't know what a blog is, it's a web journal.
Your website will be where you promote the affiliate products and your blog will be the place where you post informative articles covering topics about your area of business. If you sell acne products for a company, you'll use a blog to attract traffic and then send them from there to your sales page on your website. OR you can use your blog to sell your products (basically make it your website).
BUT, a unique way to use your blog is for updates. Let's take the acne product for an example. Let's say your merchant has provided you with some new content (for example: new testimonial pics), you can add these pictures to your blog and send an email to your list telling them to see this new amazing testimonials. Those visitors in your list that hasn't yet bought your product may be more confident now and purchase the product through the affiliate link in your blog or going to your review/sales page of this product by following a link in your blog. Both of these links should be added to your post though.
You can use Blogger or Wordpress to set up your free blogs. 
Nineth among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
A tracking tool. After you have built a website and uploaded it as well as your blog, you need to know where your visitors are coming from. This is very important. Testing is a very good thing to do. You can gradually increase your income till the highest point IF you do testing on a regular basis.
I know, I know...testing sounds like to much work, but it isn't!! I use a tracking service called Google Analytics, which is free and I can check out exactly the following:
1. how long a visitor stayed on a page
2. on which page the visitor stayed the longest (good one this!)
3. where the visitor came from
4. on which page of your website did the visitor leave
5. where the visitor lives (which country)
 more...and more...and more....and more!!! 
Tenth and final tool among the Affiliate Marketing Tools for success...
The Right Training Manual. You need to be taught affiliate marketing the right way. There is too much worthless outdated information on the web now.You need someone to show you the ropes...a mentor, someone that has done it and succeeded with affiliate marketing. If you are a newbie you are absolutely doomed without this. Sorry, but this is a fact. With the information overload on the web now, you are bound to learn the wrong things. You need the right information the first time and then build on that information.
And that's the 10 Super Affiliate Marketing Tools you'll need for success! Visit the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Tools Review Website [http://www.mr-review.com].
P.S -AffiliateTeachings.com [http://www.affiliateteachings.com] Best Regards, Reinhardt Gallowitz
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