July 09, 2013

How to Make Money with Your Blog | HarmenBatubara.com

How to Make Money with Your Blog | HarmenBatubara.com

We’re in blogging for business to make money, right? But several or many bloggers still find it difficult to make money online; do you know what exactly is wrong? When I started blogging, I do not have a real business plan. I just doing it for fun and hopefully I will find the way when I was there. Now I know that blogging is pure hard work and I believe that there is the shocking truth: If you can stay focused, a time will come when making money online becomes your second nature.
Yes, there Are Already Too Many Blogs Out There. There are hundreds of millions of Blogs out there, as my friend said that doesn’t mean that you can’t start and grow a successful Blog today. So do not scare you to compete. It would be like saying that you can’t open up a bookstore because there are already millions of bookstore out there. You have to believe in me, that out of all those millions of blogs 90% of them have been abandoned or aren’t posting anything of value on any consistent basis. So your chance still there and just goes on.
Oh, I’m so sure about that! If you earned $65 last month and $29 this month, it shows that something is wrong. And you need to study the situation first, before taking further steps. Because, if you plunge into the next business, a lot can go wrong. The essentials of a Blog are Content. Yes, it is important to produce high quality content. Yes, both your readers and the search engines will love you if you produce high-quality content. However, creating high-quality content is not enough. Remember, there are millions of Blogs on the Internet which started out by delivering top-notch high quality content on a consistent basis for weeks, months and even in some cases years. However, because the authors of these Blogs believed in the myth that content is all that matters, their Blogging careers have been a huge disappointment to them.

Challenge yourself

First,  think you have to decide? Are you blogging for fun or to make money? If you truly want to generate staggering income with your blog, then you’ve to change your approach.
It’s not enough to write new blog posts daily and wait for the cash to roll in. The point think is you have to sell something. There is more than that. You’ve to sell, sell and sell until you become a proficient salesperson. Like John Chow’s say; if you’re scared or ashamed to sell, you might not earn a living online, you cannot be a real blogger.
Most people are afraid to ask their audience to buy a product or service. But this feeling of losing self-respect is only present in online businesses. In a brick and mortar business, we always want to sell and sell some more. The beauty of running an internet blog business is that you can sell more professionally – more and more you are a truly sales person.
So it is importance to learn how to promote Blog posts. Learn the basics of SEO, PPC, link building, advertising on other Blogs, guest posting, or whatever other strategy you want, but don’t just expect people to automatically find your Blog simply because you’ve created high-quality content but spent 0% of your time on marketing it.

Sell your services    

The truth is, everyone is good at something and this is another clue? You do not know who you are? What you may not understand is that you’ve some unique skills, style and voice that your target audience can pay for. In fact, they’re dying to buy into it.
I have to say something, I didn’t realize how special I am when I launched my blog as I say, I have no business plan and I just doing it. And I kept chasing after the next ‘money making loophole. ‘Have you discovered your unique skills?
Why not bring it to the table? Use your blog as a platform to sell your skills.
As a freelance writer, I sell my time and skill. And I must say; freelance writing is a cool business to be in. The other clue is; determine what you’re good at and start selling (marketing) and doing it again and again.
Many new Bloggers experience the “empty room” problem when first getting started. They pump out high-quality content, all excited to see what kind of feedback they get, and then they sit anxiously waiting for someone to leave a comment. When nobody leaves a comment, they get depressed and wonder why nobody likes what they wrote. Once again do not just sit there waiting for someone to comment, but create it. Believe me, some readers who had been reading your blog for some years before she/he left a comment. Once again, you must learn how to market your Blog.

Sell your info product

The best idea is find out what problem is your audience facing? The best time to offer value and solve their problem is now. Create a solution a short report and sell to them. The hidden truth is that short reports are great money makers. Instead of writing a 125 e-book about internet business marketing for instance, break it down. Write a 43-page report on how to a success affiliate marketing or how to build an email list, another 37 page report on how to generate traffic to a new blog. You’ll make more money with this strategy. You’ll also become a proud owner of 2 or more info products. This is priceless! Look like easy?
Remember there Are Already Too Many Blogs Out There. There are hundreds of millions of Blogs out there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start and grow a successful Blog today. So do not scare you to compete. So just go on.

Sell Advertising

A few weeks ago, one entrepreneur contacted me. He interested in advertising on my blog, because they discovered I had no banners at the bottom sidebar. I didn’t accept the offer, because my blog is a review service blog, not for advertising.
But this scenario is relative. If you’re not selling a product or offering any specific service, advertising can be great for you. Of course, you could combine selling a product and selling ads on your blog. If you place 4 – 6 Ad banners on the sidebar for $25, you’d earn approximately $100 or more by month end.
Fourth, Can’t Blog Because Not a Good Writer. Blogging isn’t as much about being a good writer as it is about having something to say and not being afraid of saying it. You don’t even have to be a writer to be a Blogger. There are many examples of Bloggers who use video or podcasts as their primary medium of communication.
The beauty with Blogging is that it’s the people who produce the most quality content and who learn how to effectively market themselves who win, and not the people with the best writing / grammar skills.  Bloggers not just for the English/Grammar teachers.

Sell affiliate offers

And finally, you could earn extra income from your blog by selling people products by promoting affiliateoffers. It’s so simple to get started. You don’t have to worry about overhead cost, or delivering the product. Your duty as an affiliate is to refer the right buyer. You’ll earn commissions, when a sale is completed.
I started out promoting and review other people’s product. It’s fun and lucrative. Although, selling your product or service can provide more benefits, but rather than give excuses why your blog isn’t earning some cool dollars, start off with affiliate marketing. 
That is a good start. From there, you can increase your earnings as your blog grows and becomes an authority in your niche. Producing high quality content is important; it’s really quality and not quantity that matters. So don’t waste your time pumping out post after post just trying to win the “Blogger with the most posts” award. That will really get you nowhere.
Take your time to write / edit a good quality post, but realize that it will never be perfect so don’t spend so much time writing the perfect post that your readers have already left long before you’re finished. Remember that ultimately it is people that are reading your content, not search engines.


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