April 04, 2012

CB Surge Review, Software For Marketer

 CB Surge creates by Brad Callen and marketer knew he is as one of the big name in the industry of money making in internet marketing. He was have several online marketing tools that have been very useful for many online marketers such as “Keyword Elite”, Press Release Fire, Elite Sessions, Search Marketing Elite, Niche Revolution, Link Metro, PPC Web Spy and many more all very useful tool. Many online entrepreneurs like me had already achieved success through this series of product.  One of them and I like and I think most popular and widely used is the “Keyword Elite”. It is a keyword research software solution that is capable to provide its user up to 10,000 and more keywords in a given niche.

Now Brad Callen introduced us his newest addition software, the CB Surge. CB Surge is a useful application user-friendly and its easy-to-install software that could gather all the essential Click bank data and analysis it for marketer user instantly; which used to take them several days to compile manually. It can provide them an immediate, very timely and accurate data they need to decide which Click bank products to promote. This software was “Keyword Elite” in the new format.

Affiliate marketing these days is one of the most lucrative ways making money online and probably considered as one of the best and easy money making opportunities, is promoting and selling click bank products. The problem is the competition out there is very tough; we need anything that can give us an edge to helping us to determine what will be a good product that will make sales. Problem with the click bank marketplace it does not give us enough data and accurate statistics to make a chaise. This is the real problem for marketers, how they know for sure what will be the best choice to make to promote.

CB Surge is a system that has power and effectively on helping you through performing the process of consolidating all the important data concerning the products to market and do an analysis about their feasibility. By using this system, you can identify whether a certain click bank product is moving up fast or declining its gravity or popularity. Without a good software, and if you do it manually collecting all these essential data will definitely require a lot of your times, patience, efforts and sometimes, monetary resources of your business. The bad thing is it will all go to waste if you failed to collect the accurate data.

Absolutely Free

The best part of CB Surge, everyone can download and installed CB Surge to their computers for absolutely free. This is a very light simple tool that installs as a plug-in with your Firefox Internet browser. Firefox is the CB Surge default browser; you can’t install the plug-in for Internet Explorer. However, CB Surge is offering two types of memberships. These are “The Standard Membership”, which is the free version and the “Elite Membership” that you can pay for some cost. Well as usually, just like in any other programs, paid member always have better chance to get more valuable of this system. Here’s a brief analysis of what members can get with this program.

After activation you’re CB Surge and when you are inside CB Surge, the software will sort through every product in the marketplace and highlight in a green or red color with a relevant score which are the best choices. Green will return a score of everything that is marketable below 40 and red will return everything that is not marketable above 40. You will see three major buttons located on the top part of your Click Bank screen. These are the “Top Gravity”, “Top Movers” and “Top Shakers” button. All these options are providing data about the movement of all click bank products that will let you see which products have a better potential and which are declining popularity. This is the core business of marketing, to find the best product to promote.

The software also displays some info that have a good value for you such as a snapshot of the vendors site witch it you can see whether there is an opt-in form, embedded video or an exit pop up. There are more a couple of added tabs for keyword research, good for finding extra keywords associated with the best product and also some site analytics relating to back links. They also give you another good feature here are some graphs showing whether the product is trending up or down over a certain period of time.
However, free members will be limited to view what are inside “Top Gravity” option only and actually the something with the standard (default) CB marketplaces.  CB Surge also provides gravity graph where you can see the gravity movement of certain Click bank product in graph form and is very useful to see what the trends are in further helping you to know whether it is worth promoting. However for free members can only get a chance to view up to the last four weeks of this data, while elite members can retrieve this data up to the last 12 months, it is mean the paid member  could do better analysis.

The other thing and most important privileges of being as elite CB Surge member are having an access to your own branded copy of CB Surge plug-in, your affiliate link embedded in the software. So when you promote it and they download a copy and install on their browser, your links will display in every single product that they see in the click bank marketplace. This is of course will have a huge viral effect and when they make a purchase this will offer an additional for you. Easy way to make money with extra commissions.

Having own branded of CB Surge you can refer it or distribute to as many friends as you like and turn their browser into your affiliate link. See that point?  You’ll get commission to your credit every time people purchase Click bank products from their computers with your CB Surge plug-in installed in it. If you are a marketer you must take the opportunity as far as you could, and the best part of it is a paid member.

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